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Please Shut The Dutch Oven Off

I sit here watching the Rangers-Tigers series frustrated as hell with Derek Holland and his stupid mustache (pictured above).  My knowledge of baseball is limited largely to my hometown Rangers, but I’ve never seen a pitcher de-rail as fast as Holland when running into a bit of trouble.  Only I can pull off a mustache.

Or perhaps John Wilkes Booth.

Now to get to the fun things Alecia and I did this weekend!

1)  East Harbor Seafood Palace.  This is the best dim sum restaurant I’ve eaten at in recent memory, and according to Alecia reminds her of restaurants in Hong Kong.  People are screaming in Cantonese, and good luck trying to find out if your number has been called.  I’d give recommendations on what to eat, but I mainly just eat whatever is shown to me.

Speaking of Asian food, while visiting Toronto with Alecia recently, we had excellent pho at a restaurant.  The decor was tackier than most Asian joints.  It’s hard to see on the video I have posted below, but there are two signs, one on top of the other, and the top sign has “Beer’ written with a guitar flashing in the background and the bottom sign has a steaming drink of bubble tea (I think) with the word “Drink” flashing across.  My brain powered off while watching this.

2)  Brooklyn Banya.  I had never been to a spa before moving to NYC, and I’ve only visited the Wall Street Bath & Spa (enjoy the creepy music on the hompage) and the Russian & Turkish Baths on 10th Street.  The one on Wall Street is great with a friendly staff.  The latter is the spa from hell.  (I could write a huge rant about that place, but I’m too distracted by the Rangers game.)  Brooklyn Banya is a real gem and definitely the best one I’ve been to.  The people are very nice, it’s small and intimate, and has an awesome roofdeck.  It’s located south of Prospect Park, so it’s easiest to bike there if you have one.  Alecia and I purchased Travelzoo Deals to get a great deal here (entrance plus meal plus massage), and while there seem to be no available deals to Brooklyn Banya, it is still worth purchasing the entrance fee or purchasing an expiring deal on City Pockets.

3)  Comedy at The Knitting Factory.  The Knitting Factory is supposed to be an awesome venue for music (I have yet to go), but Alecia and I went last night to see some free comedy.  It is small so it has a more intimate atmosphere, and they give Jameson shots with their $5 beer and whiskey shot special.  This show is supposed to be hosted by Hannibal Burress, who we saw at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, but for some reason he wasn’t there yesterday.  Considering that the comedy was pretty decent and the show is free, I’ll definitely be going again and hopefully Hannibal will show up.

4)  Nighthawk Cinema.  I’ve written about this movie theater in a previous post, but I finally went last Friday night.  Alecia and I saw The Ides of March.  The movie was so-so, but the venue is awesome.  I’d go more into why I wasn’t that impressed with the movie, but writing about it will bore me.  In more exciting news I am seeing Human Centipede 2 on Thursday.  Maybe the Chinese are onto something by censoring.

5)  BMW Guggenheim Lab.  I don’t know how to describe this place, other than it being a hipster’s dream.  It’s located in the LES and is a venue for (according to its website) “a mobile laboratory traveling around the world to inspire innovative ideas for urban life”.  I went to a meditation seminar Saturday morning, and I have posted the very artistic and hipster evidence below:

While biking back from the Brooklyn Banya yesterday afternoon, I see this in the sky:

Now what?  NOW WHAT?

(I later saw that the pilot had written “Now Open” when he/she was finished.  I was hoping for the messaging to be more existential.)

I leave you with drawing stickmen.  Yes this went around the internet a few weeks back, but I just now got hooked to it.


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